Graduate School fellowship stipends are merit-based stipends provided without a service obligation. They are also referred to as “non-service stipends.”

Students may be appointed to a Graduate School fellowship for a full academic year (September through April) or for a single semester. Students holding a Graduate School fellowship appointment in one semester of an academic year may be appointed to a Graduate School assistantship the other semester. 

Please review the detailed Financial Support Policies and Procedures page, especially the Recipient Obligations Statement posted to that page.

Topics Covered

Stipend Details

Ph.D. Stipend Rate (Academic Year 2020-2021): $32,500

  • Fall Semester (August – December): $16,250
  • Spring Semester (January – May): $16,250
  • Summer Semester: Not Guaranteed (Departmental Discretion)*

* Some academic programs may independently provide a summer stipend. Please contact your program for more information.

Master’s Stipend Rate: $5,000*

  • Fall Semester (August – December): $5,000*
  • Spring Semester (January – May): $5,000*
  • Summer Semester: Departmental discretion*

Academic programs award fellowship (non-service) stipends based on merit and not financial need and can vary in the amount provided each semester.  There is no established rate, but the typical award reflects the amount above or greater.


  • Students may not work at Georgetown or hold a service stipend for the duration of the non-service fellowship award.


  • Students must make satisfactory progress toward a Graduate School degree, as determined by their academic program and the Graduate School.
  • Ph.D. students are required to be enrolled full-time as a condition of their fellowship award.
  • Master’s students should verify with their program the number of credit hours required as a condition of their fellowship award and maintain that level of enrollment.

Unsatisfactory degree progress or violations of academic integrity may result in termination of your fellowship stipend and retroactive revocation of any scholarship for the current semester. In other words, you may become responsible for the full tuition and fees for that semester.

Payment Schedule

Fellowship awards (non-service stipends) are distributed at the beginning of each semester. Further details regarding distribution can be found in the merit-based financial aid award letter.

Taxes and IDs

For information on taxes and non-service stipends, visit the Tax Department’s website.

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Fellowship stipends for U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents will not be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by the University.

No W-2 or other document will be distributed for the non-service awards. The only records you will have of the award are:

  • Your Graduate School award letter
  • Your check stubs or bank statements

International Students

International students must meet with the Tax Department to complete all necessary tax paperwork. Reference this website in preparation.

International students may also be required to obtain either a U.S. Social Security Number or IRS Individual Taxpayer ID number. Check with the Office of Global Services and the Tax Department.

International PhD Fellowship Tax Documentation Check-List


Please click on the Payments to Non US Citizens and Entities tab about halfway down the page.

Did you do the following?

  • Visit the Tax Department website to review required documentation? 
  • Did you scan the following documentation?​​​
    • Copy of the signed Graduate School award letter
    • Clear photocopy of Passport (picture page)
    • Completed, signed, and dated Foreign National Information Form
    • Clear copy of either I-20 or DS-2019 form (required for F or J Visa holders)
    • Signed and dated Form W-8BEN​
  • Save signed award letter and all required tax documentation as a PDF file, and send to Lawrence Smith labeled exactly as follows:
    “[Legal Last Name], [Legal First Name] Graduate Non-Service Stipend” and email to: upload.tax_dep.9m074yyah1@u.box.com
  • ​Emailed gradstipendsupport@georgetown.edu once all of the above check-list items were completed.