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Backed by centuries in education and formation, we are centered on values that ignite our programs while adapting to the needs of our changing world. Discover your next area of study among new niche programs, degrees that span traditional subjects or traditional fields that prepare you to lead in today’s world.

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Find Your Next Degree

Explore the intersection of technology and society. Learn about environmental justice. Our degrees span three campuses and nine schools, providing you with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to make a positive difference in the world.

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Interdisciplinary Degrees

We can find new potential by forging paths across disciplines – using the best of both fields to uncover new solutions. That’s why we’re building new interdisciplinary programs where your skills and knowledge aren’t contained to a single area.

A Testimonial

Professor Marcia Chatelain speaks to the camera.

Our Renowned Faculty

Experts, practitioners, leaders in their fields. Our faculty bring years of experience into the classroom, inspiring you to question often, inquire deeply and experiment frequently. Their connections in their industries also mean that you’ll have access to a robust network of guest speakers, mentors and real life clients.

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A Commitment to Discovery

Through research opportunities, hands-on projects with real clients in the District or internships and fellowships, you won’t have to wait until you graduate to make your mark on the world.