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With a 200+ year history, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to advancing education and research. Committed to innovation with purpose, our graduate programs respond to the needs of our changing world. Through our comprehensive curriculums and extensive networks, you’ll deepen your expertise to make a meaningful impact in your field.

Navigate Theory & Practice

Through our graduate programs, students can explore local and global perspectives, engage in scholarly pursuits and innovative research, and become advocates for change. We provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to make an impact. Our graduate programs break the boundaries of traditional fields, nurturing leaders prepared to navigate the complexities of today’s global landscape.

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Nurse and patient reviewing the results of a Dexa scan

Push the Boundaries of Research & Innovation

Our students and faculty tackle global issues through hands-on research. Based on our Jesuit values as people for others, we seek the truth to solve problems and build connections. Georgetown University is rated R1 by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education because of the high level research activity we are engaged in across the disciplines. You’ll have ample opportunity to contribute.

A Testimonial

Robin Calleja

“Students and faculty in the Communication, Culture & Technology program come from a variety of backgrounds: computer science, social sciences, arts and humanities. Interacting with colleagues from different fields fosters an environment where we can all contribute our expertise and learn from peers’ strengths when it comes to group projects and intellectual discussions.”

Marcia Chatelain

Faculty Who Practice What They Teach

Our renowned faculty members are the driving force behind our graduate programs, lending expertise, passion and commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. With their impressive backgrounds, extensive networks and dedication to student success, there’s no better place to pursue your academic and professional goals.

Nurture Networks & Expand Horizons:
Life at Georgetown

Immerse yourself in Georgetown’s diverse graduate student experience, where we believe in the power of forging connections across disciplines and embracing a global perspective. Nestled in the heart of the Nation’s capital, our community lends opportunities for stimulating conversations with like-minded scholars, learning from influential changemakers and connecting with experiences that equip you with new skills and knowledge.

700 Ph.D. Students
4,000 Master’s Students
130 Countries Represented
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A Home for Your Interests & Passions

GradGov, Georgetown’s graduate student government body, is trusted for representation, advocacy and change. It fosters a thriving graduate community that uses learning and professional growth to make an impact.

Featured Student Stories

Side-by-side headshot of Dr. Ralf Martz Sulague and Dr. Allison Fitzgerald

Ever since their own families grappled with their own health crises, Ralf Martz Sulague and Allison Fitzgerald have been working to push the boundaries of medicine.

ROTC students in silhouette against light from stain glass windows in Gaston Hall

For seven years, Thomas Schueman (G’19) worked to help his friend, an Afghan interpreter who served alongside him in Afghanistan, secure a U.S. visa and leave the country. …