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Contact Graduate Admissions Anchor

Contact Graduate Admissions

For general application inquiries, reach out to the Graduate School admissions team; for more specific questions related to an individual program, reach out the program’s admissions contact.

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Advice for Prospective Students Anchor

Advice for Prospective Students

We asked our graduate students what piece of advice they would give to prospective students. Here are their tips for you:

Nadia Sarfraz“When looking at graduate school, think about the whole person you want to be and what you want to develop. What are the skills outside of the program you want to sign up for, is it the network, is it the community, is it the job prospects in the area?” – Nadia Sarfraz, Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry


Alex Grant

“Find what you’re passionate about and take the leap!” – Alex Grant, M.S. candidate in Epidemiology



Headshot of Micaila Curtis

“When looking at a program, it’s not just what you’re going to be learning but who you’re going to be meeting along this journey and the connections that you’re going to be making. Georgetown sets you up very well to make really good connections, not just within Georgetown community and alum but also outside of the university.”
– Micaila Curtis, Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Headshot of Kerren Katembo

“Never be afraid to put yourself out there. I have realized that networking is incredibly essential in grad school, and it takes a lot of strength and courage to put yourself out there and connect with people. However, once you do, it will be worthwhile because it will open many doors of opportunities that you never thought could open.” – Kerren Katembo, M.S. candidate in Global Health

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Why Georgetown? Anchor

Why Georgetown?

Headshot of Luz Ruiz

“Georgetown University (GU) is a leading academic and research institution in the heart of the United States in Washington, DC. I picked GU because I knew that it would provide me with the resources and connections necessary for my career growth. In addition, the location is rich in diversity and opportunities since it is so close to the White House and the National Institute of Health.
– Luz Ruiz, Ph.D. candidate in Tumor Biology

Headshot of Kamil Lungu

“I chose Georgetown for graduate school because of the strength of its School of Foreign Service programs, talented faculty and its location in the heart of Washington, DC. Being so close to the action allows Georgetown to invite guest speakers who are at the cutting edge of policy and makes getting involved in internship opportunities outside of class easy. This allows students to have rich, eye-opening, and hands-on learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.
– Kamil Lungu, M.A. candidate in German and European Studies

Headshot of Kerren Katembo

“I chose the M.S. in Global Health program at Georgetown because I wanted to develop a deeper comprehension of various global health issues that continue to impact our world by developing the skills and quality training to improve health outcomes and  the quality of life for all. Additionally, the Field Research Module also solidified why I chose GU: it allows  students to get hands-on experience and understanding of global health issues that continue to impact our world by conducting research in developing populations.” – Kerren Katembo, M.S. candidate in Global Health

“I was immediately impressed with the faculty of Georgetown’s history department, not only in terms of their ability to guide me through my personal research endeavors, but also by the diversity of their expertise and range of methodologies.”
– Luke Frederick, Ph.D. candidate in History

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The Academic Experience at Georgetown Anchor

The Academic Experience at Georgetown

Headshot of Luz Luiz

“I have had an enriching academic experience because of how passionate the instructors are about teaching their students. The quality of education here at GU is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The instructors in my respective program made learning fun and showed how important studying tumor biology is for advancing scientific knowledge around the world. Furthermore, being in a Ph.D. program here is so much more than learning from lectures. I am able to take what I learned and apply it directly to my thesis research projects. All my experiences at GU are constantly preparing me for a future career path as a scientist.” – Luz Ruiz, Ph.D. candidate in Tumor Biology

Headshot of Bora Balcay

“Academically, Georgetown is a very unique place, as the programs here are designed to enable students to be curious and expand their horizons. At the same time the focus on excellence means every experience is uniquely special.”
– Bora Balcay, M.A. candidate in German and European Studies

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Social Life of a Graduate Student Anchor

Social Life of a Graduate Student

Headshot of Bora Balcay

Being a grad student at Georgetown is a really special experience as it means being part of a very large, welcoming and active community. There is never a dull moment as there are so many things to do all the time; it is a place to make lasting friendships!”
– Bora Balcay, M.A. candidate in German and European Studies

Headshot of Kerren Katembo

“I always love being part of Georgetown events as well as watching sports or going to social events. Additionally, my friends and I would always be doing something – whether that be going out to eat, having photoshoots, bike rides or traveling with each other on vacations. I believe the friends that I have made at Georgetown are going to be my lifelong friends; they feel like family.”
– Kerren Katembo, M.S. candidate in Global Health

“Since deciding to attend Georgetown, I have not second guessed my decision in the least and have quickly fallen in love with this magnificent city. Both inside and outside of the classroom, I am blessed to enjoy the opportunity to engage with a diverse array of thinkers in an atmosphere that seamlessly combines the social and the scholar, thereby simultaneously fostering personal and professional growth.” – Luke Frederick, Ph.D. candidate in History

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