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Financial Support

We’re here to help you navigate the cost of your graduate degree by providing financial support, merit-based aid, fellowships and other funding opportunities. Georgetown offers two kinds of financial aid to graduate students: merit-based aid and need-based aid. Our separate Office of Graduate Fellowships & Awards can assist in navigating external funding.

Financial Support Resources

Merit-Based Aid

We offer four types of competitive merit-based scholarships to both incoming and current students: scholarships, Ph.D. assistantships, Ph.D. fellowships and Master’s stipends. Merit-based awards are given on the recommendation of each academic program and are designed to assist graduate students in their academic pursuits.

Need-Based Aid

Find out how you can finance the cost of attending graduate school with a combination of merit-based assistance and external funding opportunities and resources.

Graduate Employment Resources

The Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees-American Federation of Teachers (GAGE-AFT) is dedicated to providing support to graduate student workers and valuing their contribution to the Georgetown community.