Graduate School scholarship awards are merit-based scholarships offered for students in many academic programs. Master’s and Ph.D. students receiving scholarship-only awards may have a portion or all of their tuition covered in a given semester or year.

Please review the Recipient Obligations Statement posted on the Financial Support Policies page for detailed information on policies and procedures for scholarship awards.

Topics Covered:


  • Students must make satisfactory progress toward a Graduate School degree as determined by their academic program and the Graduate School.
  • Ph.D. students are required to be enrolled full time as a condition of their scholarship award.
  • Master’s students should verify with their program the number of credit hours required as a condition of their scholarship award and maintain that enrollment status. 

Unsatisfactory degree progress or violations of academic integrity may result in termination of your award and retroactive revocation of the entire Graduate School Scholarship award for the current semester. In other words, you may become responsible for the full tuition and fees for that semester.

Extent of Coverage

Extent of Scholarship Coverage for Ph.D. Students
Type of Award Coursework Health Insurance
Georgetown Individual Only
Student Fees
Scholarship Only
or full)
Yes, required only No No
Scholarship + Stipend Yes, required only Yes No
Extent of Scholarship Coverage for Master’s Students
Type of Award Coursework Health Insurance
Georgetown Individual Only
Student Fees
Scholarship Only
or full)
Yes, required only No No
Scholarship + Stipend Yes, required only No No
Stipend Only No No No


Graduate School scholarships only cover coursework applied towards your degree. Courses from which you withdraw are not applied towards your degree, therefore scholarships do not cover courses from which you withdraw.

What happens when you withdraw?

Withdraw Information
Scenario Refund Rate Amount on Student Account
Scholarship after withdrawal N/A $ 0
Withdraw during Add/Drop 100% $ 0
Withdraw in fourth week 80% $ 1,328.40
Withdraw in eighth week 50% $ 3,321.00

The entire scholarship for that course is revoked. The student becomes responsible for the pro-rated cost of the course. Here is an example for a 3-credit course for the 2020-2021 academic year:

The same policies and procedures apply each semester.

Retaking Courses

Graduate School scholarships do not cover courses retaken to fulfill degree requirements. If you did not receive a passing grade for a required course and, therefore, must retake that course, you would not receive a scholarship for that course again. The cost of retaking that course would be your responsibility.

Language Scholarships

The Graduate School currently provides tuition scholarships to graduate students who need to develop language skills for their research or to meet proficiency requirements. On the recommendation of the student’s director of graduate studies, a scholarship will be provided to cover enrollment in one approved language course per semester.

Please review the language scholarship policy in the Graduate School Bulletin, Section II.E.4.


1. Register for the language course online via MyAccess

You should expect to see a charge to your student account for the language course.  The Graduate School will review enrollment and apply the language scholarship accordingly. 

If your request is not approved, you must pay for the course using your own resources or drop the course during add/drop.

Summer Language Scholarships

Summer language scholarships are available to Graduate School students who are enrolled in a Ph.D. program, including those who are pursuing a dual master’s/doctoral program. Summer language scholarships are not available to students who are enrolled only in master’s programs.

The process for recommending students for Summer language scholarship support and the terms of the awards will be identical to those currently in place for such awards in Fall and Spring semester, as described in the Graduate School Bulletin, Section II.E.4.

Basic Rules:

  • Ph.D. students only
  • Scholarship for 1 language course per session
  • May receive a scholarship for a language course in Session 1 AND may receive a scholarship for a language course in Session 2
  • If a course straddles sessions, the scholarship will be enough to cover the cost of that 1 course

To apply, follow the same process noted above, which is also used for language scholarships during the academic year.

Special Notes

Students must communicate their registration and request immediately to their program. It is important to act quickly because students are only able to drop classes without penalty during add/drop. If a request is delayed and not approved, students will either have to pay for it in full or withdraw from the course and pay at the refund rate established by the Registrar. 

If students have already pre-registered for a language course, they must communicate a scholarship request to the program immediately. If they have not yet registered, once the registration period reopens, students must complete the registration via MyAccess and immediately communicate the request to the appropriate program.

Scholarships will be posted up to seven calendar days after add/drop.