Graduate Education at Georgetown -  An Introduction By The Dean

Georgetown University’s graduate programs draw upon three principal strengths: the intellectual resources of a research university, the long-standing Jesuit commitment to discover and communicate knowledge in service to others, and the advantages of the University’s presence in Washington, D.C., as both city and international capital.

Our Ph.D. programs in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and life sciences prepare the next generation of scholars and researchers who will be at the forefront of their disciplines. Master’s degree programs provide the substantive knowledge and analytic skills that will enable students to assume leadership roles in a full range of professions, including domestic and international policy, business, communications and health care. We offer a variety of interdisciplinary and dual degree programs, giving students access to resources that can be appropriately arranged to meet their own intellectual interests and career plans.

At all levels of graduate education, our goal is to stimulate a love of learning and a regard for others that will enable our students to function as thoughtful citizens of the United States and as responsible members of a wider and increasingly diverse global community. Our Ph.D. and master’s graduates make important contributions to research and practice in areas such as governance, health and development. They are encouraged to sustain an awareness of the importance of the past for the future and to remember the significance of timeless questions even in the face of immediate challenges or opportunities.

The presence of graduate students at Georgetown is central to our identity. We aspire to relate to them as young colleagues who can strengthen our community through their contributions and example.

We welcome your interest in Georgetown and its programs and hope that you will find something here that excites you.

Please feel free to contact either the Graduate School or our individual programs with any questions you may have.

Dr. Norberto M. Grzywacz
  Dean, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
    and Professor of Neuroscience & Physics