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The Graduate School, at nearly 200 years old, offers a variety of master’s, doctoral and certificate programs in 50 different departments. Whether you’re interested in pursuing doctoral studies in Government or Neuroscience, or exploring top-ranking master’s programs such as Foreign Service or Public Policy, you are sure to find unique and amazing opportunities in this community. Degrees exist for individuals seeking education of many types, including PhD programs, thesis and non-thesis masters programs, and programs through our School of Continuing Studies in downtown Washington, DC and Arlington, VA.

Under the close guidance of a world-class faculty, our graduate students reconsider the past, think critically about the present and develop their scholarly and professional skills to shape and improve the future. While each individual program provides a rich, well-rounded course of study, one of the hallmarks of Georgetown’s graduate education is that it encourages collaboration across disciplines through dual programs and joint endeavors. In addition, the Washington, D.C. area fosters many partnerships between universities and organizations that enrich our students’ experiences outside our front gates.

This site provides information on graduate programs, admissions, financial support, and academic policies and procedures. We encourage you to read through the information carefully and frequently, and to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

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International Perspective

The university itself is an international and multilingual institution that attracts students from across the United States and around the world. This commitment to diversity extends to many of the Graduate School programs, which enjoy special relationships with distinguished global institutions.

Georgetown students are not only able to reap the benefits of these partnerships, but they also contribute original research and scholarship that betters the human condition around the world.

Continued Growth

The Graduate School is committed to providing a well-rounded educational experience and throughout the last decade has increased the number of collaborative programming opportunities.

Students in the Graduate School can pursue courses of study in more than 40 dual program configurations in a wide spectrum of fields that include the sciences, biomedical and health studies, social sciences, public policy and the humanities.

The school has also increased the number of faculty members and financial aid resources for students as part of its mission in providing a superior educational experience.

Washington, D.C.

Beyond the classroom, the Washington area is a center of scientific activity, public policy, biomedical study and the fine arts. And it is a hub for disciplines such as demography, economics and political science.

The university is a major institution within the nation’s capital -- a resource, a partner, and a friend. It supports the city through contributed services of both a social and intellectual nature.

Student Life

In addition to the many opportunities afforded by Georgetown’s location, students are exposed to a wide array of extracurricular, on-campus pursuits, such as music, drama and dance performances, art shows and sporting events.

The university’s many educational, cultural and social advantages provide an academically exciting and personally rewarding home for those wishing to do serious graduate work.