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Welcome to the Graduate School's financial aid site. Whether you are a prospective student researching opportunities available at Georgetown University, or a current student reviewing the resources and policies governing financial aid, this site will provide you with plenty of information and direction to respond to some of your needs.

Throughout this site and others, you will find information about the two main kinds of financial aid available to graduate students in the arts and sciences: merit-based aid and need-based aid. The Office of Student Financial Services manages need-based for all students at Georgetown University. You will submit your FAFSA and other required information directly through that office. You can explore the cost of attendance and procedures for managing need-based aid by reviewing the information below and navigating to the "Tuition and Fees" or "Need-Based Financial Aid" links along the left navigation. Separately, the Graduate School oversees merit-based aid for graduate students in the arts and sciences. You can find additional information about available scholarships and stipends through this site. Please be sure to review the information on this site, as well as speak with your specific academic program about eligibility criteria. We encourage you to contact the Graduate School with any questions you might have. You can access the contact information via the "Contact Us" link in the left navigation.

Need-Based Aid and Other Financing Options

Complete information on need-based financial aid, part-time employment and supplemental loan programs is available from the Georgetown University Office of Student Financial Services, where you can apply for need-based financial aid on-line, download publications, search for scholarships and obtain detailed information about the many options available for meeting graduate school costs.

Information on additional funding opportunities at Georgetown University as well as external funding opportunities are available on our website.

The Georgetown Army Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) department offers full-tuition scholarships for qualified graduate students in masters programs who are interested in serving as active duty or reserve Army officers. In addition to full tuition for a masters degree program, the two-year ROTC program provides expert leadership instruction, valuable career experience and the opportunity to serve your country after earning your degree. For more information, please visit the Hoya Battalion website at or contact the ROTC Scholarship and Enrollment Office at (202) 687-7008.

Merit-based Aid

A limited number of awards based on academic qualifications, without regard to citizenship or residence status, are available each year to students in the Graduate School's various departments and programs. New applicants to programs in the arts and sciences who wish to be considered for merit-based assistantship, scholarship and fellowship awards need only check the appropriate box on the application for admission. Applicants should carefully note the application deadlines specified in the online graduate catalog for the individual department or program.

Assistantships and fellowships normally include a stipend and a full-tuition scholarship, though this may not be the case for all master's students. For 2015-2016, stipends for doctoral arts and sciences programs are $26,000, while stipends for master's students in the arts and sciences range from $1,100 to $26,000.

Recipient Obligations Statement

All students receiving merit-based financial aid in the 2015-2016 academic year must read this document before accepting their merit-based financial aid offer.

Please read the Recipient Obligations Statement 2015-2016 listed on the Financial Support Policies page.

Council of Graduate Schools Resolution

Students intending to accept a merit-based financial aid award from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences should note the Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees, and Assistants from the Council of Graduate Schools.

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