Who makes up the judging panel?

The panel is comprised of four professors from different schools at Georgetown as well as one Masters student and one PhD student chosen by the Office of Graduate Enrichment to serve on the panel.

What are the criteria used in the decision making process?

Since each award has different requirements, each award is evaluated a bit differently. View a comprehensive list of how each award application is evaluated.

What is the procedure if one of the judges has a conflict of interest?

If a judge experiences a conflict of interest, they exempt themselves from grading that particular application, but may rate other applications within the same award category.

How are awardees chosen?

Although each application has different requirements and thus is evaluated using different criteria, judges rank each application on a scale from 1-5 in various areas.

Why aren’t winners notified prior to the night of the ceremony?

The Graduate Student Awards are meant to be a celebration of all graduate students accomplishments, not just the winners of the awards. All nominees are informed of the date of the ceremony before applying to the award to ensure applicants have ample time to make appropriate arrangements prior to the evening of the ceremony.