First Semester Graduate Students Registration Anchor

First Semester Graduate Students Registration

All Graduate School students are required to register every fall and spring semester they are enrolled until they graduate, including semesters when they are only working on their thesis or dissertation.

Before arriving on campus, graduate students beginning their first semester will have to complete the Enrollment Confirmation online. By completing this, you will confirm your intent to matriculate at Georgetown and become an active student in our system. New student registration dates will be posted in April of each year.

For the complete registration schedule please visit the Registrar’s Registration Dates page.

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During Orientation and Registration Anchor

During Orientation and Registration

  • Contact your faculty advisor or program administrator to discuss any potential changes to your course selection.
  • Make sure you have your GOCard, which is your Georgetown student ID card.
  • Check your bill in MyAccess. Step-by-step instructions appear on the Student Accounts FAQ page.
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During the Add/Drop Period Anchor

During the Add/Drop Period

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Continuing Student Registration Anchor

Continuing Student Registration

Before registration, contact your faculty advisor to discuss course selection for the coming semester. For the complete registration schedule please visit the Registrar’s Registration Dates page.

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During Registration Anchor

During Registration

After registration, check your schedule on MyAccess to confirm that it accurately reflects your course choices.

If you are unable to register, check MyAccess for holds on your account.

If you have not registered by the end of the add/drop period, your candidacy will be terminated for failure to register. The dates of the add/drop period for each term appear are on the Registrar’s Registration Dates page. If your are terminated because you were unable to register, you must request reinstatement from the Graduate School.

See the Graduate Bulletin, posted in the Resources and Policies section, for more details on this process.

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Registration Troubleshooting Anchor

Registration Troubleshooting

For general information about the registration process, please see the Registrar’s Office Registration Resources page.

If you are having difficulty using MyAccess, the Registrar’s Office provides helpful information on its Solution to Registration Barrier (PDF). You may also visit the Registrar’s Office in person. Additionally, you can also contact the University Information Services (UIS) Help Desk using the contact information posted on their Technology Support page.

If you have forgotten your NetID or password, or you are having trouble logging in, please refer to the UIS Service Center for options.

During the add/drop period you can add or drop courses using MyAccess. If you are having trouble adding or dropping a course online via MyAccess, contact the Registrar’s Office. Paper Add/Drop forms are also available at the Registrar’s Office and at the Office of Graduate Student Services, located in the Car Barn – Suite 207.

Outside the designated add/drop period, you cannot add any courses to your schedule. Courses may be dropped after this period, but penalties may apply. For more information on deadlines and refunds, consult the Registrar’s Withdrawal Deadlines and Refunds Schedules page and/or the Academic Calendar (PDF) for the current year.

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