The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences reports directly to the Office of the Provost, and is academically governed by the Graduate School Executive Committee. Separated into three distinct functional areas: Admissions, Academic Affairs, and Financial Support. the staff of the Graduate School is responsible for the administration of graduate programs, in consultation with the Directors of Graduate Studies. The Graduate School oversees academic performance, proposes and administers policies and regulations of the School, conducts fellowship competitions, and coordinates admissions and financial aid.

The Office of Graduate Admissions works with admissions committees for each of its academic programs. While the Graduate School enforces minimum standards for admission, each academic program establishes its own admissions requirements, its own review process, its own deadlines, and its own standardized-examination requirements. The Graduate School finalizes the admission and denial of applicants.

The Graduate Academic Affairs area of the Graduate School maintains all student records, monitors students’ academic progress, supervises registration, and clears students for graduation. It maintains a compendium of academic regulations and procedures in the Graduate Bulletin.

The Financial Support team administers a merit-based financial aid budget of approximately $20 million in support of scholarships and stipends. It issues all award letters, reviews and monitors how these funds are spent, and stays abreast of all relevant federal laws and University policies.  Additionally, it coordinates external fellowship opportunities for graduate students.