2016 Graduate Student Awards

The 2016 Graduate Student Awards Ceremony was held on Friday, April 22 in the Healey Family Student Center Great Room. Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

The Graduate Student Teaching Award

Laura Zimmermann
Caitlin M. Brown
Celia Chomón Zamora


Nominee Program
Laura Zimmermann Psychology
Caitlin M. Brown Government
Elise Cardinale Psychology 
Celia Chomón Zamora Spanish and Portuguese (Linguistics track)
Alissa Walter History
Katherine Vadella Spanish and Portuguese (Linguistics track)
Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz Psychology 
Alexandra Martin Spanish and Portuguese (Linguistics track)
Francisco Gallegos Philosophy
Benson Stevens Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience
Ines Corujo Martin Spanish and Portuguese (Lit/Cult track)

The Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award

Alexander Podkul
Gracia El Ayle
Katherine Ward
Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz


Nominee Program
Alexander Podkul Government
Ariya Hagh Government 
Fatima Al-Dosari Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT)
Gracia El Ayle Chemistry
Jacob Owens Foreign Service
Jooeun Kim Government
Katherine Ward Philosophy
Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz Psychology
Marya Hannun Arabic & Islamic Studies
Miao Bai McCourt School of Public Policy
Muran Chen Economics
Pooja Suri McCourt School of Public Policy
Renjie Ge Economics
Susette Ingram Chemistry
Tanaporn Wangsanut Biology
Veli Safak Economics

Outstanding Graduate Student Organization Award

LAPA (Latin America Policy Association)


Group Ogranization President/ Leader
Georgetown Anti-Poverty Society André Pinhiero
Gnovis Isaac Riddle
Graduate Student Consulting Group Iseult Morgan & Olivier Rochedreux
Medical Center Graduate Student Organization Monica Javidnia
LAPA (Latin America Policy Association) Leonel Prieto
McDonough School of Business Net Impact Ruth Hupart & Olga Monfiston
The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Tejal Desai & Chris Blank

The Gerald M. Mara Faculty Mentoring Award

Lourdes Ortega (Linguistics)


Professor Department
Adam Thomas McCourt School of Public Policy
Anirudh Gaur Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Craig Zelizer Government
Cristina Sanz Spanish & Portuguese, Linguistics
Elizabeth Arsenault Security Studies
Edward S. Goldstein McCourt School of Public Policy
Erwin Tiongson School of Foreign Service
Mark MacCarthy Communication, Culture & Technology
Michael Collins English
Nicole Bibbins Sedaca School of Foreign Service
Peter I. Belk Security Studies
Rebecca R Riggins Tumor Biology
Richard Calderone Microbiology & Immunology
Anton Wellstein Oncology & Pharmacology, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Ao Yuan Biostatistics
Christopher Swift Security Studies
Elizabeth Stanley Security Studies
John L. Casey Microbiology & Immunology
Patrick O’Malley English
Lourdes Ortega Linguistics
Rebecca M Ryan Psychology
Ronald P. Leow Spanish & Portuguese
Spencer P Boyer BMW Center for German and European Studies

Outstanding Leader in a Graduate Student Organization

Lucretia Witte, Eduwonks


Nominee Program
Augustin Porres Latin America Policy Association
Marielle Hampe English Graduate Student Association
Will Todman Georgetown Refugee Action
Cherylann Pasha English Graduate Student Association
Lucretia Witte Eduwonks
Susette Ingram Graduate Student Organization of Chemistry