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Some graduate programs allow for the deferral of admission; however, deferral of admission is not automatic. Certain departments may require a new application if the student does not enroll in the term originally designated. Please consult with your individual program office to determine whether they allow deferral requests.

Deferral of admission is limited to one request per admitted program.

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Deferral Review Anchor

Deferral Review

All deferral requests are subject to review and approval by both the department and the Graduate School.

If the deferral is denied or the deferred student cannot attend the graduate program for the approved term, they will have to submit a new application.

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Request to Defer Anchor

Request to Defer

To request a deferral of admission, applicants should complete the below Deferral Request Form.

Upon submission, your graduate program coordinator and the Graduate School will review your request. Once a deferral decision is made, you will be notified via email to check your application status portal.

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Biomedical Graduate Education Applicants Anchor

Biomedical Graduate Education Applicants

Please note: If you are an admitted student to a Biomedical Graduate Education program and you wish to defer your admission, you should use the below Biomedical Deferral Request Form.

Only one deferral of admission is allowed. If after a deferral you would like to be considered for another future term, you must submit a new application.

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