About the Checklist Anchor

About the Checklist

Once you have fulfilled all admissions conditions, new students must complete a number of steps involving registration, health insurance, immunization and financial aid.

If you have not yet completed the Admitted Student checklist, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with any questions about your admission status at 202-687-5804 or email at gradmail@georgetown.edu.

Additionally, please contact your department regarding any department conditions of admission.

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Your Georgetown Email Anchor

Your Georgetown Email

After you submit your enrollment deposit, you should expect all communications to come to your Georgetown e-mail address.

  1. Locate your NetID and temporary password, which can be found in your official admission letter. Your NetID is a unique identifier assigned to each member of the Georgetown community.
  2. Use your NetID and password (which may still be your temporary password) to log in to your e-mail for the first time. You can access your e-mail and other Google Suite services at http://apps.georgetown.edu.
  3. Explore other student technology resources you may use while you are enrolled.
  4. Check your e-mail regularly. Information about registration, orientation, and more will come to this e-mail address.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to change your temporary password and set up some hint questions at http://password.georgetown.edu.

Note that Georgetown University will never ask for your password outside of normal logging into various services. Do not share your password in any e-mail message or online form.

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Registration Anchor


Registration will begin after fall course schedules are finalized in June. Your program will contact you to start the registration process and will assist you in selecting appropriate courses. If you do not hear from your program by August, please write the relevant Admissions Office on the Contacts page.

Detailed information about the registration process for new graduate students is available on the Graduate School’s Registration page. Please follow the procedures carefully.

If you have additional questions about the registration process, you may contact Graduate Student Services: gradstudentservices@georgetown.edu.

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International Students Anchor

International Students

  • The Office of Global Services assists with the student visa process and supports you throughout your time in University-based immigration status.
  • Within one week of submitting your enrollment deposit, you will receive an email invitation to activate your International Student Portal account, via which you will request a Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 or J-1 status (Form I-20 or Form DS-2019). This GU immigration document will serve as the basis for your visa application at a U.S. embassy or consulate. We recommend completing this process as early as possible.
  • International students who already hold another status valid for full-time study have no OGS reporting requirements.

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Financial Aid Anchor

Financial Aid

  • Log in to MyAccess to review your financial aid awards.
  • Be sure to submit all required paperwork and documentation to the appropriate financial aid offices. Instructions on how to submit each financial aid document will be included on each financial aid offer form.
  • Consult your department or email questions to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences if you are receiving a graduate scholarship, assistantship or fellowship award. General information on merit-based financial aid, including policies and procedures, is available on the Graduate School’s Merit-Based Financial Aid page. Questions may be emailed to gradfinaid@georgetown.edu.

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Student Account Anchor

Student Account

  • Log into MyAccess and review your student account.
  • Waive or accept the Student Health Insurance in MyAccess. Student Health Insurance is applied to full-time graduate students (enrolled in 8 or more credit hours or in Thesis Research). If you do not waive the insurance during the Open Enrollment period, the charge will be added to your account and can be reversed only upon receipt and review of an online waiver survey showing alternate insurance. Refer to the Student Health Insurance site for complete information.
  • Submit payment for any items for which you are responsible. Be sure to follow the billing schedule and due dates, available at: http://studentaccounts.georgetown.edu/policies. Late fees will be applied for late payments and monthly services charges can be applied if as well if the payment is not made in full.
  • Submit documentation of third party sponsorship (if applicable).
  • Establish a refund profile for direct deposit of overpayments.
  • If you have questions regarding financial aid, contact the offices below for assistance:

  • If you have questions about your student account, contact Revenue and Receivables.

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Immunizations Anchor


  • Mandatory immunizations and health screenings are based on District of Columbia Law as well as guidance from the CDC and the American College Health Association. Requirements vary based on a student’s age, history, and course of study.
  • All requirements and forms can be found within the Georgetown University Immunization and Health Information Database Portal (https://georgetown.studenthealthportal.com). The portal is accessed via single sign on with your GU NetID and password.
  • Additional information, Frequently Asked Questions and Video Tutorials on submitting immunization documentation can also be found on the Student Health Center’s website Immunization Requirements page.

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Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Graduates Anchor

Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Graduates

All incoming graduate students are required to complete this online training no later than two weeks after the first day of classes. Students who do not complete the training will have a registration hold placed on their account.

You should receive an email with instructions on how to complete the course in the weeks before the start of term. (It might land in your spam or trash folder.)

If you do not receive instructions by the start of classes, please write titleixgrad@georgetown.edu.

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Academic Integrity Tutorial Anchor

Academic Integrity Tutorial

All students under the jurisdiction of the Georgetown University Honor Council are required to take this tutorial. This includes all students in master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs, excluding Full-time MBA and Flex MBA students in the McDonough School of Business.

Students who do not complete the tutorial by the deadline will have a registration hold placed on their account. You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the tutorial.

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Local Address Anchor

Local Address

You must update your local off-campus address. Students who do not complete this step by the deadline will receive a registration hold on their student account.

To satisfy the requirement, follow these easy steps:

    1. Log in to MyAccess
    2. Click “Personal Information”
    3. Click “View/Update Addresses and Phones”
    4. Click “Update Addresses and Phones”
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Type of Address to Insert” and select “Local Off Campus”
    6. Click “Submit”
    7. Fill in your local off-campus address information, complete with apartment or unit number, if applicable, and correct zip code
    8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit”

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Students with Disabilities Anchor

Students with Disabilities

The Georgetown University Academic Resource Center is available to assist and guide students with disabilities who may need access to accommodations. Contact information:

    • Location: Leavey Center, Third Floor

    • Telephone: (202) 687-8354

    • E-mail: arc@georgetown.edu

Students with physical disabilities can obtain information regarding accommodation services by calling (202) 687-6923 or emailing arc@georgetown.edu.

Students with learning disabilities can obtain information regarding accommodation services by calling (202) 687-3319 or emailing arc@georgetown.edu.

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