Category: News Story

Title: Reflections From Two Faculty on Indigenous Studies Working Group

Author: By Bette Jacobs and Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer
Date Published: November 22, 2022

November is Native American Heritage Month, and, for many, Thanksgiving and fourth grade history often come to mind. However, American Indians and Alaska Natives are contemporary, resilient communities with diverse and vibrant cultures. Mountains, rivers and towns retain versions of original names characterizing our shared history, reminding us of the power of place and the virtue of stewardship. Though much shared history is brutal and shameful or well-intentioned and naïve, what has happened shapes habits, assumptions and actions. November is a time to honor our First Nations by learning about the 574 federally recognized tribes and the treaty rights that represent identity, cultural preservation and pursuit of equity.   

Georgetown faculty and students are welcome in our Indigenous Studies Working Group. Our interactive website has resources about local, national and global organizations that foster Indigenous studies. We post current events and news items related to issues affecting American Indians and Alaska Natives as well as Indigenous peoples of other colonized countries. As a member of a learning community committed to social justice, you are invited to expand knowledge, update assumptions, and engage with ongoing scholarship celebrated during Native American Heritage Month and beyond.

See also: Follow the Circle of Indigenous Students’ Alliance (CISA) on Instagram – formerly the Native American Student Council (NASC).