Graduate student Melissa Collier stands on the bow of boat looking into the river for dolphins as a result of her grant research award
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Title: GradGov-GSAS Research Grant: Student Highlights

GradGov and the Graduate School are pleased to support the research and professional development of graduate students through the GradGov-GSAS Research Grant (GGRG), formerly known as GradGov Research Project Awards. These grants have been used toward supplies, travel and other research expenses such as training, archival research or data collection, or travel to a laboratory, associated with furthering or completing a dissertation, thesis or other research project.

Last fall, Arthur McDeed, a Ph.D. student in Biostatistics, was able to attend the “Advanced Sequencing Technologies & Applications” intensive workshop hosted by Cold Spring Harbor Labs. “The learnings from this course have been directly applied to my current Ph.D. dissertation research and ongoing research collaborations at Georgetown,” McDeed said.

This opportunity provided him with valuable networking opportunities with other biomedical researchers pursuing similar topics. “Attending the Cold Spring Harbor Labs workshop offered a unique opportunity to further enrich my understanding of bioinformatics and sequencing methodologies that are essential to my continued development as an effective biostatistician and biomedical researcher.”

Screenshot of a workshop hosted in 2021 on the topic of advanced sequencing technologies and applications, by Chris Miller (Washington University in St. Louis)

In addition, the GGRG will help allow Melissa Collier, a Ph.D. student in Biology, to further her academic research this summer in marine fieldwork. “My work requires the use of an 18-foot motor boat to passively observe dolphin behavior in the Potomac River on good weather days. Receiving this award helped secure the ability for me to carry out my field research, and allowed me to focus my time on planning the methodology and analysis necessary to make this field season a success,” Collier said.

We encourage both master’s and doctoral students to apply for this award as it is jointly provided by both GradGov and the Graduate School.

Students are allowed only one GGRG per academic year. Please visit our how to apply webpage for more information.

Contact GradGov directly for more information on other GradGov awards.