The Graduate Research Steering Committee is tasked with reviewing applications from graduate students, and in some cases postdoctoral fellows, on internal competitions and external submissions requiring institutional nomination or endorsement. The committee also may be called upon to set, review or amend existing research funding policies set by the Graduate School or other graduate or postdoctoral fellow research issues that may arise.


Each committee member serves a two-year term of service (unless otherwise noted) and is approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.

The 2021–22 members of the Graduate School’s Graduate Research Steering Committee are:

  • Rachel Barr, Professor, Psychology+
  • Molly Borowitz, Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese+
  • Lisa Chaplin, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing*
  • Mary Helen Dupree, Associate Professor, German+
  • Matthias Eller, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics+
  • Christine Fair, Professor, SFS (Security Studies)+
  • Shareen Joshi, Associate Professor, SFS (Global Human Development)+
  • Karah Knope, Associate Professor, Chemistry*
  • Ronald Leow, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese*
  • Kristen Looney, Assistant Professor, SFS (Asian Studies)/Government+
  • Bevan Main, Research Assistant Professor, Neuroscience+
  • Dayanand Manoli, Associate Professor, McCourt+
  • Caleb McKinney, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine+
  • John McNeill, University Professor, History/SFS+
  • Sara Omar, Assistant Professor, Arabic & Islamic Studies*
  • Seth Perlow, Associate Professor, English+
  • Ayesha Shajahan-Haq, Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology+
  • Erin Sorrell, Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Immunology+
  • Claire Standley, Associate Professor (Research Track), Microbiology and Immunology+
  • Ella Striem-Amit, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience+
  • Krista White, Associate Professor, School of Nursing*

* a new member, 2021-22 / + continuing member

If you have questions regarding the GSRC or wish to be considered for membership, please contact Maria Snyder (maria.snyder@georgetown.edu).