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The U.S. Department of Education’s Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) program supports research abroad in modern foreign languages and (non-Western European) area studies for a period of 6 to 12 months. The types of projects that are considered for this scholarship include projects that deepen research knowledge on and help the nation develop capabilities in areas of the world not generally included in U.S. curricula. Projects focusing on Western Europe are not supported. This year’s call will include all of the following funding priorities:

• Geographic area (research outside western Europe)

• Priority languages

• Multi-disciplinary fields of study

• Advanced language proficiency

• Specific world areas

• Minority-serving institutions

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Eligibility Anchor


  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  • doctoral student in the fields of foreign languages and area studies;
  • in good academic standing and who will have advanced to candidacy by the start of the fellowship period;
  • planning a teaching career in the U.S. following graduation; and
  • possesses adequate language skills necessary to undertake the dissertation research abroad
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Award Types Anchor

Award Types

The average fellowship award for the past five years has been around $35,000.

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Current Application Anchor

Current Application

The FY 2022 grant competition closed on April 6, 2022. Applications for FY 2022 were available online through the Department’s G5 system between February 2, 2022 and April 6, 2022.

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Campus Review Process Anchor

Campus Review Process

Students interested in applying to the DDRA program should submit the following information to Elizabeth George (elizabeth.george@georgetown.edu):

  • full name;
  • degree program and year of study;
  • anticipated major comprehensive exam dates;
  • dissertation advisor;
  • title of research project; and
  • host country(-ies) planned to conduct field research

These applications are rigorous and require a considerable amount of time, effort, and coordination.

Questions relating to the fellowship program and/or campus application and selection process should be directed to Elizabeth George, Associate Director of Graduate Fellowships & Awards and Institutional Coordinator.

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Past Recipients Anchor

Past Recipients

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NameYearLanguageCountryResearch Topic
Calla Cameron2021Quechua and SpanishPeruHistory / Local and National Reconciliation Programs- How Local Organizations Make Transitional Justice Happen
Jakob Burnham2020FrenchIndia; FranceHistory / Producing Pondichery- Social Labor and Urban Development in French India
Dilyara Agisheva2018TurkishTurkeyArabic and Islamic Studies / Colonial encounter and the transformation of the legal system in Crimea in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Sara Fischer2018ChichewaMalawiPolitical Science / Governing Health- Local Health Sector Workers as Political Actors in Malawi
Andrew Marshall2018KiswahiliKenya;
Political Science / Language Policy and the Nation in East Africa
Trishula Patel2017ShonaZimbabwe; United KingdomHistory / Indians in Zimbabwe – A History of Colonialism Race and Identity
Abigail Holekamp2017RussianRussiaHistory / Informing Revolutions – Transmissions of History and Production of Knowledge in Russia and France
Todd McKay2017BanglaBangladeshLinguistics / Task-Based Evaluation in Bangladesh-The Notre Dame College Project
Faisal Husain2016Ottoman TurkishTurkeyHistory / Ottoman Rivers. The Tigris and Euphrates
Stefan Hock2016TurkishTurkeyHistory / Policing War and Sexuality in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
Alex Macartney2016JapaneseJapanHistory / War in the Postwar – Japanese and West German Protest Against the Vietnam War
Graham Hough Cornwell2015ArabicMorocco; FranceHistory / The Political Economy of Tea Sugar and Taste in Northwest Africa
Michael Polczynski2014Polish and LatinUkraine; PolandHistory / Antemurale Christianitatis Memalik i Mahurse. The Bulwark of Christendom and the Well Protected Domains of the early modern Polish Lithuanian and Ottoman frontier
Laura Goffman2014ArabicOman; India; Tanzania; United KingdomHistory / Education Militarization and the Formation of National Identity in Twentieth-Century Oman
Erina Megowan2012RussianRussiaHistory / For Fatherland, For Culture! State, Intelligentsia and Culture In Russia’s Regions 1941-1945
Alan Roe2012RussianRussiaHistory / Venturing into Soviet Nature: Outdoor Recreation in the Soviet Union (1950-1991)
Eugene Gregory2012Chinese (Mandarin)Taiwan; ChinaHistory of Late Imperial and Modern China / The Military, Law, and Society in Qing China
Siobhan Doucette2010PolishPolandHistory / The Battle for History: Independent Publishing in Poland, 1968- 1989