All Graduate School students are expected to know and abide by the university regulations and procedures as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.

A Graduate Adjudication Board is constituted on a standing basis to hear evidence presented in the manner of infringement of non-academic university regulations by Graduate School of Arts & Sciences students. The Board consists of three graduate students and two faculty members. The process of adjudication is under the supervision and jurisdiction of the vice president for student affairs as part of the university’s non-academic student disciplinary system.

Non-academic disciplinary records of students shall be maintained by the university’s Office of Student Affairs until the graduation of the student from the university, at which time they will be destroyed. An exception will be made to this policy, however, in those instances when a student has been suspended or dismissed from the university for disciplinary reasons.

Suspension will be noted on the academic transcript as “Disciplinary Suspension.” Dismissal will be noted on the academic transcript as “Disciplinary Dismissal.” In cases of suspension or dismissal, a permanent record will be kept in the Office of Student Affairs and in the academic record. Documents concerning the sanction will be maintained to substantiate the notation. Inquiries about a student’s disciplinary records will be honored only with the student’s signature of waiver.