Graduate School to Develop Program to Aid Paraguay’s Higher Education Sector

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Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development has teamed up with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences to implement a Program for the Reform and Strengthening of Paraguay’s Higher Education Sector.

The program consists of several technical assistance projects conducted by Georgetown University in cooperation with the Government of Paraguay for the purpose of contributing to the improvement and strengthening of the quality of training, research, services and management of the higher education institutions of Paraguay, so that the higher education system meets the national labor requirements for the education and development goals of Paraguay.

The Program’s first phase is to identify and assess the work areas, available resources and program objectives that will be reflected in a roadmap and terms of reference (TOR) to implement technical assistance projects in 2017. The technical assistance projects will be oriented to the following four strategic areas to enhance higher education reform.

Higher Education Information System: Collaborate with the creation of an information system to record reliable, effective and continuous data  to ensure the quality of careers and educational programs, support public policies, create transparency essential to restore public confidence, and facilitate exchange and university cooperation at a local, regional and global levels. 

Scientific and Technological University of Paraguay: Collaborate with the Ministry of Technical Planning and Development to create a research university and graduate school. 

National Scholarship Program for Graduate Studies Abroad Don Carlos Antonio Lopez: Provide technical assistance and recommendations to optimize the return to Paraguay of government sponsored fellows or graduate level study abroad scholarships.

National University of Asunción (UNA): Collaborate with the ongoing reform and strengthening process of the National University.