The Executive Master’s in Leadership (EML) program is a full-time program designed for professional students to deepen and enrich their leadership skills.

The E.M.L. degree is distinctive in that it focuses on the passion, purpose and practical skills necessary for effective leadership. It provides the conceptual knowledge and action focus that enhance individuals’ ability to lead effectively and with a moral purpose. It is the integration of practical skills with passion and moral purpose that will be the defining characteristic of the program.

The program analyzes leadership as a set of skills on three different levels of analysis: individual, interpersonal and institutional. On the individual level of analysis, the focus is on personal leadership action plan development, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. On the interpersonal level of analysis, the focus is on negotiation and influence skills. On the institutional level, the focus is on organizational and institution-building skills.

Degrees Offered

  • Executive Master’s in Leadership (E.M.L.)

Application Deadlines

  • Please visit the Executive Master’s in Leadership website for application deadlines and other information.

Degree Requirements

  • Thirty credit hours

For more information about the degree and degree requirements, please visit the Executive Master’s in Leadership website.