What types of financial aid do you offer? How do I apply?

Merit-based scholarships, fellowships and assistantships are available through each graduate program at Georgetown. All U.S. and international students are eligible to compete for them. For detailed information on these awards, see the Merit-Based Financial Aid page.

Scholarships are available to students registered in doctoral and master’s programs and pay full or part tuition. Assistantships and fellowships normally include a stipend and a full-tuition scholarship. An assistantship is awarded in return for service hours, such as student teaching or research assisting, and a fellowship is awarded on a non-service basis.

For information on current stipend amounts, please visit the Assistantships and Fellowships pages.

If you would like to be considered for merit-based aid, simply check the appropriate box on the application form. If you are accepted to the Graduate School and awarded aid, the necessary acceptance forms will be mailed to you.

What kind of financial aid/research resources do you have at Georgetown? Where can I learn more?

The Office of Student Financial Services (http://finaid.georgetown.edu) delivers federal, state, private and institutional funds to eligible recipients.

These funds include loan, employment, grant and scholarship assistance from both public and private sources. There are over 125 student financial assistance programs managed by or coordinated through the Office of Student Financial Services.

To be considered for need-based aid please contact the Office of Student Financial Services (http://finaid.georgetown.edu) at (202) 687.4547.