Call for Applications: The Mistletoe Research Fellowship

Posted in External Fellowships and Awards

The Momental Foundation is now accepting applications to the Mistletoe Research Fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year! Accepted fellows will receive funding by early October. The application is available via the online portal on their website and applications will be accepted starting Monday, August 17 through Friday, September 4, 2020.

Given the compressed 2020 application cycle, the Momental Foundation strongly recommends starting your application and soliciting recommendations early, as well as submitting prior to the deadline to ensure the best chance.

The Mistletoe Research Fellowship offers a unique career and funding opportunity to postdoctoral scholars and PhD candidates by combining $10,000 in unrestricted research funding with professional development training via remote entrepreneurial collaboration. All Mistletoe Research Fellows participate in two programs designed to build communication and project management skills.that will help them to succeed and work more effectively with outside collaborators, whether they seek industry careers or to pursue a position in academia:

  • The Unfettered Research Grant: Provides fellowship recipients with USD $10,000 of unrestricted research funding that can be applied to almost any university-approved research-related activity, including conference travel.
  • The MRF Startup Collaboration: An extracurricular professional training program in which Research Fellows join remote interdisciplinary teams and learn to apply their scholarship and expertise to help frontier technology startups to further the development of products with high social impact and humanitarian potential.