overview of dual and joint degree programs

Dual-degree programs allow students to pursue studies leading to the award of two degrees from Georgetown University.  The Graduate School offers many dual programs that result in the award of degrees in two graduate disciplines.  Programs are also available that combine a Graduate School degree with a degree from one of Georgetown's undergraduate schools (available only to current Georgetown University undergraduates), the Law Center, or the Medical School. 

Dual-degree programs are typically structured so as to double-count some number of earned course credits so that they are applied to the completion of both degrees.  The policies governing double-counting of course credits vary by program. 

The Graduate School also offers a limited number of joint-degree programs in which study at both Georgetown and a partner university leads to the award of a single degree and a single diploma bearing the seals of both universities. 

For information on how to apply to a dual degree program please visit the "Applying to Dual or Multiple Programs" section on our How to Apply page.

programs offered

Master’s / Master’s

M.B.A. / Master’s

Master’s / Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Ph.D. / Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Master’s / Ph.D.

Master’s/Medical Doctor (M.D.)

Ph.D./Medical Doctor (M.D.)

International Partnerships