To enroll in the Graduate School, students must complete a number of steps involving registration, health insurance, immunization and financial aid.

Steps to complete enrollment:

Confirm your enrollment

Follow the instructions in your official admissions letter to confirm your enrollment. Submit the Enrollment Confirmation Form and corresponding deposit (if applicable) to hold your place in the program until you matriculate.

Meet your deadline for enrollment confirmation. This deadline is found in your official admissions letter.

Outstanding Conditions of Admission

(For students who received a conditional letter of admission)

Submit outstanding documents (as detailed in the admissions letter) to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

If you have been admitted with the admission condition of “official transcript showing conferral of your undergraduate (or graduate) degree,” here are some general guidelines for how you can fulfill this condition:

  • In order to clear your admission condition, the Graduate School needs to receive an official copy of a document (such as a final transcript, degree certificate or diploma) which shows the date your degree was conferred
  • To be official, documents must be delivered to the Graduate School in their original sealed envelopes, with the registrar’s (or equivalent office’s) signature or stamp across the seal.
  • If documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by an English language version provided by the academic institution. 
  • If your institution does not provide English language copies, you are responsible for providing a certified or notarized translation along with an official copy of the original document. 
  • ICAP evaluations sent by World Education Services (WES) directly to Georgetown University will fulfill the admission condition, as long as the documents submitted to WES include the date your degree was conferred.
  • If your school only issues one diploma and/or degree certificate and does not sent official copies to other institutions, you may bring your original documents to the Graduate School for verification after you arrive on campus.  We will make a copy of your documents and return the originals to you.  Do NOT mail your only original copy to us.
  • If you attended a US institution, you need to submit an official final transcript that shows all of your coursework plus the date the degree was conferred.  Many universities around the world follow a similar system (common in Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Turkey, etc.)  If this is the case for your institution, submit a final official transcript that shows the date your degree was conferred.
  • Some institutions (common in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Latin America) provide a diploma or degree certificate to show the date the degree was conferred.  If this is the case for your institution, please provide an official copy of the diploma or degree certificate.
  • For the following countries, please provide the following official documents:
    • India: a diploma or provisional certificate that states when the degree was or will be conferred
    • China: both the graduation certificate and the degree certificate
    • Europe: the diploma supplement showing the date of degree conferral

Call or e-mail the Office of Graduate Admissions with any questions about your admission status.

  • Telephone: 202-687-5804
  • E-mail

Contact your department regarding department conditions of admission.

Net ID Information

NetIDs are a unique identifier and password combination that allows you to access campus services. NetIDs are assigned by the Office of the Registrar to each Georgetown student upon confirming their acceptance. Detailed information about NetIDs is available here.

Access campus services such as online registration and your student record using this ID. You will receive the ID with your official decision letter.


Detailed information about the registration process for new graduate students is available on the Graduate School's Registration page. Please follow the procedures carefully.

If you have additional questions about the registration process, you may contact Graduate Student Services:

International Students

If you have not done so already, complete the online International Student Immigration Questionnaire for graduate students. All incoming international students, except for U.S. permanent residents, are required to fill out this form and submit it as soon as possible.

For questions and information regarding visas, immigration and special mandatory orientation sessions, please visit the Office of Global Services.

Once the completed Immigration Questionnaire and appropriate financial documentation are received, your immigration document will be issued and mailed to you. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks from the date of receipt of your documentation for your immigration document to be issued.

Financial Aid

Log in to MyAccess to review your financial aid awards.

Be sure to submit all required paperwork and documentation to the appropriate financial aid offices.

Consult your department or email questions to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences if you are receiving a graduate scholarship, assistantship or fellowship award. General information on merit-based financial aid, including policies and procedures, is available on the Graduate School's Merit-Based Financial Aid page. Questions may be emailed here.

Contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (202) 687.4547 for more information on financing your educational costs

Student Account

Log into MyAccess and review your student account.

Waive or Accept the Student Health Insurance in MyAccess and add dependents (optional). A charge for Student Health Insurance is assessed to the account of all full-time graduate students (enrolled in 9 credit hours or more) and is reversed only upon receipt and review of an online waiver survey.

Submit payment for any items for which you are responsible. Be sure to follow the billing schedule and due dates, available at:

Submit documentation of third party sponsorship (if applicable).

Establish a refund profile for direct deposit of overpayments.

If you have questions regarding financial aid, contact the offices below for assistance:

Health Insurance

Waive or Accept the Student Health Insurance in MyAccess and add dependents (optional). A charge for Student Health Insurance is assessed to the account of all full-time graduate students (enrolled in 9 credit hours or more) and is reversed only upon receipt and review of an online waiver survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Student Health Insurance.

Immunization Form

If you are a new enrolling student and are under the age of 26 at the time of registration, you are required by District of Columbia law to provide documentation of vaccination or immunity from Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella.

Print and have your personal physician complete the Immunization and Tuberculosis Screening Certificate form prior to registration.

The completed form can be sent to:

Student Health Center
3700 Reservoir Road NW
Ground Floor, Darnall Hall
Washington, D.C. 20007