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Office of Graduate Admissions

For all general inquiries, contact us at: 

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: (202) 687-5568
  • Location:
    • Car Barn, Suite 140
      3520 Prospect Street, N.W.
      Washington, D.C. 20057-1005
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Area Admissions Offices Anchor

Area Admissions Offices

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Program Admissions Contacts Anchor

Program Admissions Contacts

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ProgramAdmissions ContactOffice LocationDirect Phone Extension
(Dial 202-687-XXXX)
Depart. Phone Extension
(Dial 202-687-XXXX)
Addiction Policy and PracticeCar Barn
Advanced Biomedical Sciences
Certificate (w/George Mason
BGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE
Aging & HealthKristine HowardCar Barn 1712927 2927
Applied EconomicsThomas LewisICC
Applied MathematicsJennifer LiangSt. Mary’s
Arab StudiesKelli HarrisICC
Arabic and Islamic StudiesStephanie HakeemPoulton
Art and Museum StudiesEm AufuldishWalsh
Asian StudiesRobert LyonsICC
Biohazardous Threat Agents and Emerging Infectious DiseasesBGE Admissions Med-Dent SE 106
BioinformaticsBGE Admissions Med-Dent SE 106
BiologyNof Al-HajReiss
Biomedical Science Policy and AdvocacyBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
BiostatisticsBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
BiotechnologyBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Catholic Clinical EthicsBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Cell BiologyBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
ChemistryTabotu LemlemReiss
Clinical Quality, Safety, and LeadershipBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Clinical and Translational ResearchBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Cognitive Science (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program)Elissa NewportBuilding D, Suite
Communication, Culture, and TechnologyAi-Hui TanCar Barn
Computer ScienceRay EssickSt. Mary’s
Conflict ResolutionMaricruz LunaCar Barn
Data Science and AnalyticsHeather ConnorCar Barn
Data Science for Public PolicyMcCourt AdmissionsCar Barn
Economics (Ph.D.)Julius ShapiroICC
Economics (M.S)Thomas LewisICC
Educational TransformationAnne MusicaCar Barn
Engaged and Public HumanitiesChristine TolentinoCar Barn
English Jessica MarrNew North
Environmental Metrology and PolicyChristine TolentinoCar Barn
EpidemiologyTidings ChanCar Barn
Eurasian, Russian and East
European Studies
Wesson RadomskyICC
Foreign ServiceJa’net DeFlorimonteICC
GermanCourtney FeldmanICC
German and European StudiesChristina RubyICC
Global HealthRebecca GribbleSt. Mary’s
Global Human DevelopmentKristen RobinsonICC
Government (Ph.D)Hans NoelICC
American GovernmentMaurice GreenCar Barn
Democracy and GovernanceCar Barn
Health and the Public InterestKristine HowardCar Barn
Health Information & Data ScienceBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Health PhysicsBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Health PolicyMcCourt AdmissionsCar Barn 310
Health Systems AdministrationDanielle SimcicSt. Mary’s
HistoryCarolina MadinaveitiaICC
History – Global, International, and Comparative History Carolina Madinaveitia ICC 620A 8815 6061
Integrative Medicine and Health SciencesBGE Admissions Med-Dent SE 106 1460
Integrative NeuroscienceBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
International Development PolicyMcCourt AdmissionsCar Barn 310
Italian StudiesLaura BenedettiICC
Latin American StudiesJulie McMurtryICC
Learning, Design, and TechnologyAnne MusicaCar Barn
LinguisticsErin PereiraPoulton
Mathematics and StatisticsRobert PikeSt. Mary’s
Microbiology and ImmunologyBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
NeuroscienceBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Nursing (On-Campus, CNL)Amanda PattersonSt. Mary’
Nursing (On-Campus, DNAP)Edith De LeonSt. Mary’
Nursing (Online)
PharmacologyBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
PhilosophyHenry RichardsonNew North
PhysicsAmy GouldReiss
Physiology and Biophysics – Regular ProgramBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Physiology and Biophysics – Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)BGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Physiology and Biophysics – Special Masters Program (SMP)BGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Policy LeadershipMcCourt AdmissionsCar Barn 310
Policy ManagementMcCourt AdmissionsCar Barn 310
Political EconomyThomas LewisICC
PsychologyBonnie GinsbergWhite-Gravenor
Public PolicyMcCourt AdmissionsCar Barn 310
Security StudiesPayton TannerCar
Systems MedicineBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106
Theological and Religious StudiesMichael SlaterNew North
Tumor BiologyBGE AdmissionsMed-Dent SE 106

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