Eligibility for Admission

Applicants for admission must meet certain eligibility requirements set by the Graduate School and the Graduate Departments and Programs. Applicants are admitted by the Dean of the Graduate School. Admitted applicants who confirm their intended enrollment with the Graduate School Office of Admissions will be eligible to participate in Graduate Student Orientation and registration activities.

Admission Review and Admission Criteria

Once an application is received and processed by the Office of Graduate Admissions, the Graduate Department or Program Admissions Committee reviews the application. The length of this review varies by program. A decision recommendation is made to the Graduate School, where a final review of the application takes place. All final decisions on applications are rendered by the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Please note: The Graduate School requires that an application fee accompany any application to one of our graduate programs. We do not waive fees. Applicants will not receive a Graduate School decision on their application if the application fee is not paid.

Admission is official upon receipt of an online letter from the Graduate School Dean. Admission to a degree program may be granted to applicants:

  • who have received a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or the equivalent from an international college or university;
  • who will graduate or have graduated with an average of B or better;
  • who meet the academic criteria specified by the department or program and the Graduate School.

Special Student Status

Occasionally, an applicant not meeting the above criteria may be admitted to the Graduate School as a Special Student. Applicants may not apply for Special Student Status, but may be admitted to this status at the discretion of the department or program and the Graduate School. Special Students are not admitted to a degree program and may be enrolled for no more than a single semester. They may take a maximum of six credits of graduate coursework during that semester. Consideration for admission to degree status includes meeting minimum requirements outlined in the Special Student admission letter. Special Students who desire degree status should submit an official, written request to the Graduate School before the end of the initial semester of admission. Please note that students admitted to Special Student status have limited access to resources such as financial aid and student health insurance. Please check with the appropriate offices for eligibility requirements.