The Graduate Student Teaching Award: This award recognizes graduate students acting as the instructor of record, i.e., teaching their own course.  Awards are given to one student from each area: humanities, social science, and science.


Amelia Tseng

Maureen Russo

Jessica Grieser


Natalia Curto Garcia-Nieto


Cassie Herbert

Joseph Rees

Rebecca Gibbons

Anna Markowitz


Laura Zimmermann

Caitlin M. Brown

Celia Chomón Zamora

The Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award: This award recognizes excellence among graduate students serving as Teaching Assistants. Awards are given to one student from each area: humanities, social science, and science at-large.


Stephanee Synnott

Joseph Rees

Caity Brown

Honore Tchou


Arno Gasteiger

Erika Fountain

Jacqueline King

Nicholas Mangialardi


Lisette Fred

Paula Ganga

Michael Friedman

Alexander Massad


Alexander Podkul

Gracia El Ayle

Katherine Ward

Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz

The Gerald M. Mara Faculty Mentoring Award: This award recognizes a faculty member who exemplifies the spirit of cura personalis in aiding the academic and professional development of graduate students.


David Edelstein (SFS)

Emily Francomano (Spanish and Portuguese)

Maureen Lewis (SFS)

Patrick O’Malley (English)


Mark C. Murphy (Philosophy) 


Lourdes Ortega (Linguistics)

Outstanding Graduate Student Organization Award: This award recognizes the graduate student organization that demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity and perseverance; made a meaningful contribution to graduate students, the University, and/or the surrounding community; and organized activities, events, and programs that have had a significant impact on the quality of campus life at Georgetown University.


LAPA (Latin American Policy Association)

Outstanding Leader in a Graduate Student Organization: This award recognizes a Georgetown University graduate student who has made outstanding contributions to the campus community by their leadership , programming endeavors, individual skills, volunteer activities, service, and attitude in support of student activities as a member or leader of a group under the Graduate Student Government (GradGov).


Lucretia Witte, EduWonks