Location:     Car Barn, 101  (3520 Prospect Street, N.W.)
Hours:           9:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Monday-Friday

                   (not available evenings, weekends, University holidays, and as available in the University Calendar)


CB-101 room view

The Car Barn 101 Conference Room (Car Barn, Room 101), is available for use by Graduate programs, faculty and staff.  A faculty or staff sponsor must make the reservation for a student organization.  The faculty or staff person making the reservation must be present at the event to ensure that all the policies for use are followed.  The faculty/staff person is the responsible person for that event. The Graduate School Conference Room is only available for use from 9:15 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday (not available evenings, not available weekends, not available University holidays, and as available in the University Calendar during these times).

The room is intended for groups smaller than 14 people (larger groups should reserve Car Barn 427 Conference Room).  This room is a medium sized  conference room, with a central table that seats up to 14 people.

The room overlooks M Street and Key Bridge, and is quite bright on sunny days -- there are currently NO shades to darken the room.  The room has a strong University wi-fi signal, and also has a wired LAN port.  There is no telephone in the room. Users should bring extension cords/power strips to plug into outlets along the wall.

The room is equipped with 70" digital screen that accepts HDMI or VGA cables (provided) to your laptop computer.  It also supports wireless AppleTV for Mac devices with that software loaded.  Additionally, the room is equipped with a built-in Zoom-enabled camera, microphone bar, and sound speakers. There is also a  white side wall near the side of the room that can be used to project upon -- but please note that it is a side wall, and not a true screen.  Please note that Graduate School staff cannot provide any type of AV setup or support for users; this equipment is provided as a courtesy to users of Car Barn 101 Conference Room.

Car Barn 101 is intended as a conference and meeting room, and should not normally be scheduled as a classroom. 

All users of the Car Barn 101 Conference Room must clean up after their meeting, placing any trash into receptacles, and wiping up the conference table if there are food crumbs, spills, oily patches, or other substances.  Any chairs or tables that were moved out of position should be straightened up, and put back into the original configuration around the table.  Failure to clean up or re-arrange the room after use will result in loss of future priveleges.

To check for availability of the room:  The current calendar for the Car Barn 101 Conference Room is shown below.  You won't be able to request this room directly from this calendar, but you can see when it is available. To reserve this room, send a request to Rick Pike or Helen Ryan as described below the calendar.

To make a reservation for the room:  To reserve Car Barn 101 Conference Room:   send an email to Rick Pike (piker@georgetown.edu) or Helen Ryan  (htr3@georgetown.edu) and let them know the date and times of your event, and your approximate number of attendees.    Rick or Helen will then accept your invitation if we can approve the event reservation (if not, you will be contacted to reschedule).  If approved, they will enter the event into the Car Barn 101 Conference Room calendar with your meeting title and name, and they will invite you to the meeting so that you can see the reservation in your GU Calendar.  If you decide you no longer need to use the room, or if you need to reschedule it, please contact Helen or Rick to change the reservation and make the original time/date available to others.

Car Barn 101 is kept locked when not in use.  You may borrow the key to unlock it, as long as you lock back up when finished, and return the key.  The key can be obtained from Helen Ryan in Car Barn 415 (Dean's Office).

Please make sure that your users keep the room clean, dispose of trash properly, and re-arrange the chairs when finished -- this will keep you in good standing for future reservation.